Documentary / 16' / 2013

Stillstand deals with a tragic story that took place in an abandoned cellulose factory near Solothurn. Two friends take us back in time and talk about the day, their lives changed. Once belonging to the biggest branch of industry in Switzerland, the esteemed factory had to shut down and some hundred people lost their jobs. David, a young outgoing and all in all happy seeming guy, left the company in 2007, after finishing his apprenticeship at the factory. He returned two years later to find an empty and deserted structure. In a place that was once filled with life he had decided to end his. With the help of his two best friends, we get to know the person that was David, the hole he left behind and we’re taken on a journey through one of the biggest industrial facilities in Switzerland.

Realisation / Pascal Reinmann, Dennis Stauffer

Cinematography / Pascal Reinmann, Dennis Stauffer
Production / ZHdK